Monday, September 19, 2016

To You

As the sun sets out across the valley, Venus shortly afterwards reflects back to earth the sun gone around the corner. The full moon rises like a mirror into a hallway, like a night light beacon to all the life the sun gives to us, as our view spins us around to look out infinitely beyond our solar system. There is no more important star in the galaxy and beyond that we know of than ours, but there they are each night. Perhaps there is a distant creator far beyond our telescopes and satellites. We see pixelated light and artists renditions of things that exist only in the minds of imagination and speculation. While we might witness the entire universe in metaphoric and microscopic ways, what I would do to get the grand tour beyond time and space. If these are human limitations, that we exist in this moment and in this location in a vast and expanding universe, and that other ways of being persist, regardless of our measurements, then surely this moment, me writing in my underwear on a laptop computer powered by ancient sun energy, connected to a world that feels immense but shadowed by the emptiness of the universe beyond, is unbelievably absurd. Yet, here I write, calling out to you, because you make the whole thing worth it.